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Curry TV® have been working with Amazon under their influencer program to promote healthy cooking. The Amazon LIVE will be broadcasted on

To learn more about us, you can check out as well. Curry TV® is a family based business located in Portland, Oregon. We are specialized in cooking and are willing to partner with companies that produce high quality products that supports healthy cooking and lifestyle. We have smart kitchen experience working with variety of products that brings traditional methods to modern world. We would like to showcase some of your products on our livestreams. We are interested in partnering with industry top brands to bring interesting and good contents for Curry TV® viewers.

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Curry TV® can deliver your message through unique advertising opportunities. Our television audience are targeted towards cooking and healthy living that meets your business needs. The Curry TV® followers can bring additional traffic  to your website. Meet with Sumi to arrange an initial consultation to design a unique advertisement package for you to promote your brand. If you are ready to take next step and design a unique advertisement package, please select a time that works for you to schedule a discovery call. We can review your project requirements, challenges and share with you some success stories.

I appreciate your interest in Curry TV®. We would like to hear more about your project. 


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