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Curry TV Team

Curry Brigade

Our Team

Our team is Curry TV, a family-owned business in Portland, Oregon. We are a proud team called the “Curry Brigade,” drawing our name from the ancient culinary term “Brigade de Cuisine.” Our team has six people: Promod, Sumi, Nikhil, Nithin, Nidhiya, and Nimitha. Like managing a restaurant, our home is always busy, and each member has specific food preferences. We use the idea of a kitchen brigade, giving each family member a defined role to complete to keep things organized. We collaborate as a cohesive family to accomplish our objectives and make Curry TV successful. Our kitchen functions more like a restaurant as our family gets bigger, with each member having a distinct job to do to make sure everything goes as planned.

Our Mission

Empower people to cook a meal at home and eat healthily.

Our Vision

To build a healthy eating practice in kids that starts from their childhood and keep this business cherished and handed down from generations to generations.

Curry TV aims to motivate people to prepare nutritious meals at home by providing clear and concise recipes. Beyond just sharing recipes, we want to ensure that children grow up with a lifelong legacy of wellbeing through the instillation of healthy eating habits at a young age. Our mission is to improve the lives of families everywhere by sharing the knowledge and insights we’ve acquired in our family kitchen.

Meet Our Team

Sumi Promod

As Curry TV®’s CEO and Chef de Cuisine, Sumi is the creative force behind our culinary adventures. She is a home cook for a family of six, an entrepreneur, a TV host, an Amazon influencer, and a food content developer. She brings a depth of knowledge and enthusiasm to her work. Sumi wears many hats at Curry TV® besides being the Chief Operating Officer of Logic Intelligence during business hours.

Promod Antony

Together with being Sumi’s business partner and partner in life, Promod is the Sous-chef de Cuisine (deputy/second kitchen chef) at Curry TV®. He also looks after their four kids. He brings creativity and insight as the technologist and visionary behind Curry TV®, balancing Sumi’s culinary ability with his technical know-how. Promod immerses himself in photography and filmmaking, experimenting with food photography as a creative outlet, while Sumi takes comfort in the kitchen during stressful moments. Among his positions at Curry TV® are:

Nikhil Promod

Nikhil works as a Saucier (sauce maker or sauté cook) at Curry TV. He is majoring in business and minoring in data science at the University of Oregon. In addition, he works as an application developer part-time at Logic Intelligence. At their apartment, he and his pals also cook using the Curry TV recipe. Within his role at Curry TV, Nikhil undertakes several specific responsibilities:

Nithin Promod

Nithin is the Chef de partie (senior chef; “chief of the group”) at Curry TV. He assists with various workflows for cooking films as a video editing assistant. He makes sure that all four cameras’ memory sticks are safely backed up and prepared for the upcoming shoot.

Nidhiya Promod

Nidhiya is a Cuisinier at Curry TV. She keeps an eye on the food’s quality and measurements in accordance with the recipe. Nidhiya assists with cosmetics and has an eye for detail. When it comes to planning a blockade strategy, she is a terrific companion to have on board.

Nidhiya assists with the components list and description revisions.

Video Recipe assistant Sumi continues to work on her recipe writing. Nidhiya meticulously turns the writing into text.

Content Editor: oversees the process of developing and selecting recipe material. She creates content strategy, oversees editorial schedules, and makes sure the website's content is consistent and of high quality.

LIVE video monitoring

Nimitha Cherry Blosson
Nimitha Promod

Nimitha is the Commis (assistant/junior cook) at Curry TV.

Nimitha excels at catching the moments that are most important to the viewer. She maintains timeliness and organization. Her managerial abilities are above average. She infuses energy into the video shoot. The family is really grateful for her enthusiasm and encouragement.  

She is known as the “clapper” and works as a video shoot assistant. She keeps us on task for our assigned duties. 
Additionally, she makes sure that the menus, costumes, and recipes are all unique. 
Nimitha also helps NIdhiya with costume, cosmetics, and dish preparation.

In charge of retrieving memory sticks from every camera and transferring them to the editing crew.

Nikhil with Astro, Boomi and Milo
Astro, Boomi & Milo

Astro, Boomi & Milo, affectionately regarded as the furry companions of the Curry TV crew, serve as lively sources of energy, boosting morale and spirits within the team. As brothers, Astro and Boomi share a special bond, with their one-month younger sibling, Milo, adding further joy to their dynamic. Their presence not only fosters camaraderie but also encourages the Curry TV crew to step outside and engage in physical activity, revitalizing both body and mind. In essence, Astro, Boomi, and Milo enrich the daily experiences of the Curry TV team, infusing moments of happiness and companionship into their work environment.

Promod with dogs
Nimitha with dogs at the beach
Phoenix - The Macaw

Phoenix is pretty, intelligent, and can dance. She can say “hello”, “peekaboo”, “come here”, “chaaya veno”, “come here, let me out”, “stop it” with a tone when the kids fight, and many more. She is a rescue bird. During summer, she likes to go out and have a sun bath.

Phoenix outside
Phoenix eating