A little about me

My Story

My name is Sumi Promod and I live in Portland, Oregon with my family of six. My family migrated to the US when I was a little girl. I moved to the great Pacific Northwest about 20 years ago and have been here ever since. My husband, Promod, and I are raising our four beautiful children in the heart of Portland! Currently employed with Logic Intelligence as their Chief Operating Officer. I love to cook and explore the flavors of different cuisines.

A Little about Sumi Promod


I am a proud 100% FBI (Full-Blooded Indian)! I grew up negotiating the blending of two cultures with my parents and two brothers, having been born in India and reared in the United States. Even though we celebrated American holidays like Thanksgiving, the Fourth of July, and Halloween, our daily lives were a lovely blend of Indian and American customs. We talked in Malayalam at home, enjoyed Kerala food, but we also ate PBJ sandwiches every day. The rich tapestry of Indian culture enriched my childhood, and I spent many evenings watching Malayalam films. We worked hard to maintain our beloved Indian family values, customs, and, most importantly, our culinary heritage while assimilating into American society and being surrounded by extended family and other Indian families.

2020 has completely changed the way I view life. These days, our house easily doubles as both an office and a school during the day, and in the evenings, it becomes a temporary studio for intimate conversation shows in the living room. This period of time has highlighted how valuable life is. We put our health first by eating well-balanced meals, exercising, and taking precautions. As we spend quality time together, it’s also an opportunity to bond with our children and pass on cultural history and information.

During the day, I immerse myself in the latest technology and software, surrounded by innovation and progress. It’s a privilege to seamlessly transition my focus to a completely different environment. The satisfaction derived from seeing someone enjoy a delicious meal makes every effort worthwhile.

Sumi Promod - Story of Curry TV Cooking

Cooking, My Passion

I cook from the bottom of my heart, and every dish I make is infused with love, warmth, and intention. Every ingredient I select, every seasoning I apply, and every technique I employ are deliberate expressions of my desires and emotions. I consider cooking to be an artistic effort that enables me to communicate my deepest feelings through tangible, sensory experiences, whether I’m preparing a simple breakfast or an elaborate feast.

Those who come to my table receive love, thanks, and concern from me through my cooking. Food, in my opinion, has the power to evoke strong emotions, forge connections, and nurture relationships. For me, cooking is a loving way to show others how important, treasured, and appreciated they are in my life.

My love of cooking is a reflection of my genuine desire to establish meaningful connections with people—to create happy, cozy, and shared moments that remain long after the last mouthful is consumed. You provide sustenance for bodies and souls via my culinary pursuits, enduringly imprinting warmth and love on the hearts of people I feed.

My Culinery Journey

When I was little, I used to be amazed at how the women in my family handled the kitchen with such grace and ease. My grandma was one of the most inspirational of them all; she brought an astounding level of beauty to the seemingly simple act of cooking. Her ability to turn everyday kitchen ingredients into culinary masterpieces inspired a great respect for the culinary arts. Before moving to the United States at a young age, I was raised in India, where these impressions were established.

Every turning point in my life has contributed to the person I am now. Take my spouse, for example. His childhood spent surrounded by traditional Indian food allowed me to reconnect with foods and flavors I had all but forgotten about throughout my family’s relocation-related cultural adjustments. With his firm beliefs regarding food, Promod proved to be a dependable mentor in the beginning of our marriage. He took me through the culinary riches of Kerala, our native state, and exposed me to a plethora of cookbooks. Our first several months together were spent discovering India’s varied food scene, which provided me with priceless knowledge and tips from talks with residents.

Even though I could fit in with Indian language, dress, and customs without any trouble at all, I was having trouble understanding the subtleties of Malayalam. Despite its natural beauty, there was a great deal of difficulty due to the slight differences in word meanings between different areas. Before the ease of picture searches and video demonstrations, searching for recipes was frequently like traveling back in time, demonstrating the quick speed at which technology was developing.

Expensive calling cards were a lifeline that allowed loved ones in India to stay in touch with one other across great distances. The sharing of culinary adventures, updates, and recipe clarifications characterized these priceless occasions. Due to their extensive expertise, both of our moms were crucial in sharing their financial knowledge and provided priceless insights into managing a budget.

Looking back, every stage of my path has woven together a unique tapestry of events that now define my identity as a chef. These many influences—from the magical kitchens of my early years to the busy streets of India and the treasured times of connecting across continents—have shaped who I am now.